Update: 7 January, 2019.

Surfers Announced For 2019 Cell C Goodwave Surf Contest

Durban – The event organisers of the 2019 Cell C Goodwave have announced the invited surfers for the upcoming tournament. The one-year waiting period for this contest officially starts on Monday 21 January 2019.

The Cell C Goodwave is supported by Oakley and Bilt Surfboards, and the event will be hosted by California Dreaming.  

The contest is a one-day event, with four-man heats and a sudden-death format of high performance surfing. It will be run on one of the best surfing days of the year at New Pier, with the call being made by contest director Jason Ribbink, along with surf forecasting guru Spike from Wavescape.

“It has been a challenge to find the right day to surf this event,” said Ribbink, referring to the fact that the contest didn’t run in 2018. “We are determined and confident however that we will get an excellent day of surf at the New Pier in the first quarter of 2019.”

As a direct result of the competition not running, there has been an increase in the event prize-pool, with the first prize now up to R150k

Prize allocation:

1st – R150k

2nd – R50k

3rd – R20k

4th – R10k

Lee Wolins Award R10k

The invitees, in no particular order:

1. Brandon Jackson

2. Matt McGillivray

3. Dale Staples

4. Shane Sykes

5. Mikey February

6. Josh Redman

7. Jason Ribbink

8. Dan Redman

9. Slade Prestwich

10. Beyrick De Vries

11. Dylan Lightfoot

12. Chad Du Toit

13. Damien Fahrenfort

14. Brendon Gibbens

15. Adin Masencamp

16. Davey Van Zyl

17. Greg Emslie

18. Matt Bromley

19. Benji Brand

20. Chris Leppan

21. Steven Sawyer

22. Twiggy Baker

23. Davey Weare

24. Sponsor Wildcard

Alternates, in no particular order:

Shaun Joubert, Richard Kidd, Shaun Payne, Frankie Oberholzer, Simon Fish, Jordy Maree, Chris Frolich, Blaine Wood, Allan Johns, Gary Van Weirengen, Mike Frew, Ryan Payne, Simon Nicholson, Ford Van Jaarsveldt, Brendan O’Connor, Warwick Wright, Robbie Schofield, Gavin Roberts, York Van Jaarsveldt, Sean Holmes,, Paul Canning, Eli Beukes, Luke Slijpen, Max Elkington, Bryce Du Preez, Mitch du Preez, James Ribbink, Koby Oberholzer, Karl Steen, Angelo Faulkner, Joshe Faulkner, Jake Elkington, Manoa Robb, Michael Monk. 

The 2018 Cell C Goodwave is officially listed as a World Surf League Specialty Event.

The Cell C Goodwave is presented by South African Surfing Legends

Cell C Goodwave website – https://www.thegoodwave.co.za/

Cell C Goodwave Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/GoodwaveNewPier/

Cell C Goodwave Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/goodwavesurf/

The event is sanctioned by Surfing South Africa.

The Cell C Goodwave – in loving memory of Lee Wolins.


For more information contact media liaison Craig Jarvis

t. 082 376 4443

e. craig@truthcollective.co.za


About Cell C


Cell C is a dynamic South African mobile network operator with over 16 million active mobile subscribers. The company offers prepaid, hybrid and contract solutions on voice, data, messaging and streaming platforms. Cell C continues to offer some of the best value available in the South African telecommunications market. The company’s portfolio is stimulated by its diversified offerings including; fibre, content streaming (black), and wholesale services. Since opening its doors in 2001, Cell C has disrupted the market by challenging conventions, introducing first to market services and playing an active advocacy role in the regulatory space. Visit www.cellc.co.za for more information.

The entry fee into the Cell C Goodwave is one Rand per surfer, and Jason Ribbink is the 2019 contest director. 

Philanthropist, accomplished businessman and the founder of South African Rugby Legends Gavin Varejes is the driving force behind this contest. A former pro lifeguard and lifelong surf fan, Varejes made the decision to up the prize stakes after the 2017 event failed to run.

Gavin Varejes

“South Africa has so many incredibly talented surfers, and New Pier is one of the best beachbreaks in the world, so it’s a great match-up,” said Varejes of the competition. “We are thrilled and thankful to have Cell C as our headline sponsor. It’s prestigious, it’s invite only, it’s for the surfers, and it has an impressive R150k first prize. Good luck to all those selected surfers who will be competing in the event next year.”


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