Coaching Initiative


South African Surfing Legends’ coaching facility, the High Performance Surfing Academy with the help of Alvin and his team of Sisonke Surf Club will hold two coaching activations, one for novices and one for experienced surfers. 

(Dates to be announced soon.)

Each of these events will be of one day duration and will be recorded for transmission during the Goodwave. South African Surfing Legends provide material support to the Sisonke Surf Club.


Sisonke Surf Club is a KwaZulu-Natal based community group that provides opportunities for boys and girls to learn to swim, learn to surf and eventually become surfing champions.

Durban based professional lifesavers Alvin Mtatshi (founder and CEO), Quinton Shabalala, Khayelihle Ngcobo and Vusi Nyawose extend a helping hand, solid surfing and swimming coaching and life skills mentoring for a group of surfers in Durban, Trafalgar and Umzumbe.

Alvin reiterates; “So far we have helped two South Coast surfing development groups, Umzumbe surfers and Trafalgar surfers with a helping hand to our brothers down the road. In two weeks we managed to get local surfers and local surf board shapers to give back by donating old surf boards and wetsuits to the kids from Umzumbe and Trafalgar. In total we had fourteen boards and seven wetsuits donated. We packed up a borrowed VW caddy with all the boards and we drove down the South Coast for the weekend and gave back to surfing. Happy kids. Stoked kids. All smiles, All frothing to ride their ‘new’ boards and wear their ‘new’wetsuits. We made their day and we touched them deeply with our support. We’re changing a life one board at a time.”

A full rotation air reverse by Simo Mkhize at the Sisonke Development Challenge.

In October 2016, Sisonke held a two day event in Durban attracting over 50 entrants. Community based judges, administrators and surfers put on a spectacular event and the standard of surfing in all six age divisions (boys and girls) was amazing.


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