The man with the big job of making the important call on which day in 2019 the event will run is Steve Pike.
Known for not ‘chasing every skirt’, Steve is highly experienced in making these judgements. He’ll surf the Web everyday from 21 JANUARY 2019 looking at weather charts, buoys, and other more hardcore weather sites before he picks that epic day that will bring the swell, it’s direction and frequency, and the wind together before he makes the call.
Every week during the waiting period Steve will give us a long range forecast on the prospects of the event being called on.
There is a 48-hour heads-up call, and a 24-hour green light call.
Spike, aka STEVE PIKE, is the editor and founder of, South Africa’s oldest surfing website.
Spike has been providing digital surf reports for South African surfers for 17 years since 1999. A journalist and author, Spike is also a veteran surf forecaster, who has consulted to numerous surfing events and film shoots in Cape Town and Durban, including 10 years with Red Bull Big Wave Africa, as well as the Quiksilver Goodwave, O’Neill Coldwater Classic and Mr Price Pro.
He is also co-director of the Wavescape Festival, which comprises a series of events in Cape Town and Durban that raise funds for ocean causes while celebrating surf culture and ocean sustainability. Twitter @spike_wavescape Insta spike_wavescape 
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