The Break

The break at the New Pier is relatively new.

Around 30 years ago the two rock groyns at the Bay of Plenty, to the north and the North Beach further south, were replaced by concrete piers. During that time a third pier that ran right through Dairy Beach completed the trio and immediately a sand bank developed at the New Pier and before long, surfers looking for thick deep barrels on big south east swells had found a new arena.

Occasionally a wave can run right across the arena, finishing up against the pier that divides the break with North Beach.
David Van Zyl, perennial standout, especially when its pumping.
Jason Ribbink has been in the line-up for more swells than almost anyone.
The two pics of Jason Ribbink above were almost taken simultaneously on a July day in 2011.
Looking into Dairy from North Beach.
Most days its possible to snag one in the middle of the track. Twiggy Baker finding the sweet spot.
Retired WSL CT warrior, Greg Emslie, will be on hand to challenge for the hundred grand.
The piers make a perfect vantage point for watching a barrel fest.
Noel Rahme in the mid eighties. Before the pier was complete, the sand bank had already been set. The game was on.
Funny how Monday mornings can be so much fun when you find an excuse to be out of the office.

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