13/03/17. Close but no cigar

Davey Van Zyl took the honors for consistently finding the juiciest most makable tubes. Local knowledge plus talent and commitment buys the biscuits. © Dawn Rouse.

For a time yesterday we had five star conditions at the New Pier, but consulting with Steve Pike from Wavescapes in the time leading up to the weekend, the event was not called on by contest director Jason Ribbink for a number of reasons.

Rickey pulled in for some behind the curtain time. © Dawn Rouse.

“For two and a half hours it looked perfect to run, but in the late morning, as predicted, conditions deteriorated, so the window of opportunity was not suitable to run the event. We need eight hours to run the Cell-C Goodwave so we’ll have to keep checking out the forecasts for the right set of indicators.” Jason said. 

Mike Frew was also part of the conversation, having surf of the Sunday in maxed out conditions and on Monday when the forces came together for an epic two hours.

“If Monday morning was anything to go by, we’re going to have an epic event.” Mike said. “Unfortunately it only lasted for a couple of hours. But it was a lot of fun.”



From far off North Carolina contest originator, Barry Wollins who had seen the media rushes, said on Facebook; “I heard that this morning it was Goodwave good for a few hours, until the wind switched , and the standouts were, Matt Bromley, Dan Redman, Brandon Jackson, Chad Du Toit, Josh Redman, Davey Van Zyl, Jason Ribbink, Mike Frew and Brendon O Conner – all of whom are selected to surf in the Cell C Goodwave. Gonna be a good one!”

Taking the event and the R100k seriously. A number of Cape based invitees pitched for the first significant swell of the year. Matt Bromley had his fill. © FLANAGAN

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